Protect Your Portable Devices From All The Malicious And Online Threats With Kaspersky Mobile Security

We can admit to the fact that this era has been dominated by smart phones. We consider mobile phones as our ultimate companions and we are somewhat addicted to it. Now, the only issue is how an individual can protect his /her device from viruses and malware, well here comes Kaspersky to the play. Recently, Kaspersky has come up with a perfect application that you can download on your smart phones to protect them from malicious contents that are present all around us. The only motive behind creating this Kaspersky Mobile Security application is to provide the security that your phone needs the most nowadays.

What Is Kaspersky Internet Security For Android?

As we all know, that the internet is a place known for suspicious activities and it is a fact that, mobile is the primary device that an individual use to access the internet. So, Kaspersky took this statement very seriously and the outcome that we got was the Kaspersky mobile internet security. This is an application which is only available in Android devices and comes in as a free Kaspersky mobile security and a premium version. It is a plus point for those who want to test out this product and when you feel the satisfaction, you can pay a reasonable amount to avail its full-fletched features. A premium version comes at a price of rupees 599 per year and offers features like; automatic scan, anti-phishing, call & text filtering, confidential apps and Android wear support.

Now you must be wondering “is this application compatible with your device?” Let us tell you something, to run this program your phone must have at least Android 4.2 and there has to be a minimum screen resolution of 320X480. It is very much understood that there must be a proper customer support facility to provide assistance to all their users. In this case, here “we” come; we are basically a third party Technical & Customer Support facility that is totally dedicated to providing assistance to stranded users.

Why You Should Prefer Kaspersky Mobile Internet Security For Your Device?

We just want to say one thing and that is you cannot question the capabilities of Kaspersky. This application totally justifies the statement with no doubts whatsoever and it has already got around 3 million downloads worldwide, so what are you waiting for; go and download this program. We recommend you to install this program on your device, and leave all your mobile security worries on this application. It is our assurance that it’ll match up to your expectations. If you are still confused, then we recommend you to try the free version first and most probably you’ll buy the premium version in no time.