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Kaspersky antivirus is the best antivirus in the market. It is available for all the major operating systems like windows, mac OS and Linux. This antivirus includes real time protection, detection and removal of viruses, spyware , adware, Trojans, key loggers, worms malicious tools and auto dialers, as well as detection and removal of root kits. One of the best things about this software is the customer support, you can get in touch with the www.kaspersky.com/retail team by visiting www.kaspersky.com/setup and the expert will help you in the best way possible.

www.Kaspersky.Com/Setup Download | Different Versions Of Kaspersky

Kaspersky Internet Security: The Internet security will protect your account details/money when you shop online or use online banking. It will protect your identity when you use social networking sites and will protect you from attacks while you surf the internet, on the top of all these it will also block infected files when you watch videos online. In short it will protect you on the internet from every possible threat. You can visit www.kaspersky.com/setup Australia for more details on kaspersky internet security.

Kaspersky Total Internet Security: Total Security provides total protection for your computer. Using this version, you can protect the system and files, protects personal data when you work online. Scan your computer or specific files, folders or drives for viruses.

Kaspersky Small Office Security: Small Office Security is exclusively designed for small businesses for start-ups. It delivers highly affordable world-class PC and server protection simple to install, configure and use. You can manage your entire network security from a single PC – performing all the tasks needed to keep your business reputation safe and your confidential information secure, without leaving your desk. Small Office Security takes care of your network’s protection so you can take care of your business.

Kaspersky Password Manager: A password manager goes a long way in protecting you, but it doesn't mean anything if your password is still weak. Make sure you use a strong password and you can use the password manager’s own password generator to create a strong password.

Kaspersky Internet Security For Android: This is a free-to-download antivirus solution to help keep phones and tablets that can be even more prone to infections than your computer.

Kaspersky Secure Connection (VPN): Secure Connection is a tool for protecting Internet connections. Secure Connection makes a secure connection: it camouflages your IP and location, and transfers your data via the encrypted channel.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac: Delivers more than Antivirus for Mac – to protect your privacy. No matter how secure your Mac is against potential threats like viruses, you still need to protect against identity thieves & online attacks.

Kaspersky Safe Kids: Is more than just a detecting tool. It is designed to help parents raise their kids, who are permanently attached to their devices day and night. Visit Kaspersky.com/support for more details on safe kids version.


See our simple how-to articles for each product below.

Kaspersky Secure Channel

It is basically a tool which is used to secure an internet connection. This tool itself hides your IP address and with the help of an encrypted channel, it transfers your data.

Kaspersky Secure Location

It is a tool which is especially designed to protect and encrypt your location. You can use this feature while online shopping and even when you are using social networking websites.

Kaspersky Secure Connection

It only works when you connect to a wireless network. If it locates any suspicious activity, then it will encourage you to establish a secure connection. To do that, you need to click on “enable protection”.

Access More Sites & Content

With Kaspersky, you can easily access blocked websites with the help of a configurable control over the internet activities. Also, with the help of parental control, you can block certain websites.

Keeps communications private

It is Kasersky’s assurance that all your communication will be kept confidential. To achieve that kind of encryption, you just have to hit on private browsing.

Protects you on public Wi-Fi

If you use Kaspersky as your antivirus program, then it is pretty much impossible for any hacker to infiltrate in your system through a public Wi-Fi network. It uses special VPNs to provide a secure gateway for accessing the internet.

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The features of Kaspersky Antivirus includes real-time anti-virus protection, cloud-based anti-spyware protection, automatic exploit prevention, system rollback, safety checks for files and websites, URL danger advisement, anti-phishing engine.

If you have any queries regarding the software or if you want to purchase it then you can contact our technical support team for Kaspersky. Visit wwwkaspersky.com/setup for software related queries.